Vamos A Hablar Espanol! (Let's Speak Spanish!) Book 2

Let's Speak Spanish, Book 2- BR752

Conversational Spanish Book 1

Conversational Spanish, Book 1-BR803

Let's Speak Spanish, Book 3- BR753


Let's Speak Spanish, Book 3 is great for the classroom and home. This Hayes workbook's lesson are taught in a story-like setting. This is the last installment in a three part series. Illustrated book that assumes that the user doesn't have a prior knowledge of Spanish. This 6" x 9" workbook is 48 pages long and includes an answer key.


Now anyone can learn to speak Spanish and have fun doing so!

Let's Speak Spanish Book 3 is the last in a three-part series of illustrated books that assume no prior knowledge of Spanish. Lessons are taught in a story like setting about the Johnson family by going shopping with them. Students learn common patterns and begin substituting words as they gradually enlarge their Spanish vocabularies.

• 6" x 9" Hayes Workbook
• Answer Key included
• 48 Pages

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